Timmy Sanders
Name Timmy Sanders
Kana Shourinji "Shourin" Ayumu(少林寺歩)
Age 13
School Raimon Middle
Team Raimon Eleven (FF Arc) Dark Emperors(AA Arc, formerly)
Team Position Midfielder
Team Number 7
Affinity Wood
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Tim "Timmy" Sanders (in the dub)/Ayumu Shōrinji "Shōrin"(少林寺歩, "Shōrinji Ayumu") One of Mark's teammates from the original Raimon Eleven and one of the shortest out of the team. He practices Shaolin Kung-Fu and incorporates his martial arts and agility into his soccer moves.



Tim Sanders

Timmy is bald, but with two patches of brown hair, short and long(which is tied up in a pony tail), forward and backward respectively. He is very short and happens to be shorter than Todd.


Timmy and Todd Ironside are among the smallest members of the Raimon Soccer Club. He wanted to study martial arts at Shuriken Junior High and has good physical abilities, despite being small.


FFI ArcEdit

He wasn't picked for the elimination but still trains along with the old Raimon members. He also appears in many of Mark's flashbacks. He and the team was seen congratulating Inazuma Eleven in episode 85.

Killer MovesEdit



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