Occult (尾刈斗, Okaruto) is a soccer team participated in the Football Frontier.


Occult Junior High has many strange rumors about them. Some of those are: making the opponents stop in their tracks, causing fevers after the match and making the game cancelled with a huge gust of wind. They use double hypnosis (hypnosis of the eyes and ears) during the match. They do this by moving their limbs in peculiar ways while the coach chants a mysterious rhyme.

Team infoEdit

  • Members:
  1. Nathan Jones (GK)
  2. Russell Walk (DF)
  3. Jason Jones (DF)
  4. Ken Furan (DF)
  5. Jerry Fulton (DF)
  6. Ray Mannings (MF)
  7. Robert Mayer (MF)
  8. Alexander Brave (MF)
  9. Johan Tassman (FW/Captain)
  10. Troy Moon (MF)
  11. Burt Wolf (MF)
  12. Rob Crombie (GK)
  13. Chuck Dollman (FW)
  14. Uxley Allen (FW)
  15. Phil Noir (FW)
  16. Mick Askley (MF)
  • Formation: F-Ghost Dance
  • Coach: Haito Jikiru