Nelly Raimon


Name Nelly Evans

Nelly Raimon (Maiden name)

Kana Natsumi endou

Natsumi Raimon (雷門夏未)

Age 13
23 (GO)
School Raimon Middle School
Team Raimon
Team Position Manager
Team Number no number
Affinity Rage
Seiyu Sanae Kobayashi (Japanese)
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 001

Nelly Evans Maiden name: Nelly Raimon is one of the managers of the Raimon Eleven Soccer Club. She is also the daughter of the chairman of the Soccer Frontier.


Nelly Raimon was known to be strict and quite haughty at first, as she often speaks with strong authority, and initially strongly disliked the idea of a soccer team, but Mark Evans' unwavering determination and faith broke through her reluctance. She then started caring for the team, as she succeeded in convincing Axel Blaze to return playing soccer, giving Raimon Eleven a huge boost for its attack line. After becoming one of the team's manager along with Sylvia Woods and Celia Hills, she softened to the point of even cooking for the team on several occasions, treating them like making honey-and-lemon treats and rice balls (Mark's favourite snack).

During the FFI Arc, she left the team and supposedly went to study abroad, which fact was revealed to be a cover for secretly investigating the truth behind the "death" of David Evans, Mark's grandfather.

She had grown fond of Mark's fighting spirit and confidence, and started displaying some strong affection toward him, as depicted when Mark chased after her, leading to a very emotional (albeit temporary) farewell between the two, Nelly's eyes becoming misty even though she showed him a strong and determined resolve. She has shown some romantic feelings for Mark.

Later,after 10 years, it is revealed that she has married Mark.