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Lina Blitz (coach)

Hitomiko Kira (Lina Blitz) (Coach) - Hitomiko is a cold, professional woman who takes over as coach for
Lina Blitz (Hitomiko Kira)
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the Raimon El
Lina Blitz (Hitomiko Kira)
Added by Godkeeper99even during the attack of Aliea Academy, of which she is
obsessed with stopping. Her goal is to prevent any further harm by the Aliea soccer teams wreaking havoc on Japan, so Coach Hibiki enlists her as his replacement and Hitomiko becomes the head of the Inazuma Caravan. She is incredibly strict and to the point with Endou's team, but the captain seems to understand her feelings and obeys her decisions throughout their travels across the country. It is later revealed that her goal of stopping Aliea Academy ties back to her father, who is responsible for the attacks and commander of the Aliea teams. After the defeat of Aliea Academy and the players of the teams are freed from her father's influence, Hitomiko vanishes and Hibiki is given back coaching duties for the Raimon Eleven. Later on, Hitomiko is approached by former Aliea Academy player Osamu Saginuma, to form a new team that will take over as Japan's representatives in the upcoming Football Frontier International. This newly-formed team with Hitomiko as the coach becomes "Neo Japan". She is voiced by Junko Kitanishi.
(Japanese) It is Lima Shillar