the god hand

God Hand(ゴッドハンド)
is Mark Evans' first goalkeeping technique.

Apparently, Mark inherited this move from his grandfather, David Evans. The God Hand was a Legendary move created by the legendary Inazuma Eleven. It was created by Mark's grandfather, David Evans, the coach of the Inazuma Eleven. The God Hand was later adapted by the Inazuma Eleven's Goalkeeper Seymour Hilman (Their Coach), who is the Coach of the Raimon 11 in the second half of the first season. Later on learned by Mark Evans, the Raimon 11's goalkeeper and the series' protagonist. Mark Evans found the technique's ways in his Grandfather's training notebook which is written in Scribbles which Mark can read easily.

God Hand Endou

Known Users: Mark Evans, David Evans, Darren Lachance

Element: Lightning

Person(s) Required: 1

Type(s): Goalkeeping

Debut: Episode 2


Mark releases a gigantic hand with yellow lightning. It always catches the ball, as long as it's not used on shoots powered up by enhancements such as the God's Aqua and the Ailea meteorite. It was first destroyed by emperor penguin no.2 in final match with royal Academy. After the gigantic hand catches the ball, the ball then lands down


in his own hand with an impact.UNBEATABLE340 09:01, February 8, 2011 (UTC)


  • This move was first penetrated in the finals against Royal Academy using their Emperor Penguin No.2.
  • In Episode 70 (FFI arc) God Hand have evolve into God Hand + 2(It looks exactly like the original God Hand but more powerful)
  • in Ailea Academy arc, Darren mastered God Hand too. Darren's version is colored blue instead of yellow unlike Mark's version.
  • Mark learned God Hand + 2 to stop Dark Phoenix.
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