Fire Tornado(ファイアートルネード) is Axel Blaze's signature killer move and one of the most powerful killer shots known in the Raimon Eleven.thumb|300px|left


The user kicks the ball into the air. While spinning he/she concentrates on the ball and the ball only. Then jump while spinning with fire appearing on the user's feet and finally kicks the ball in mid-air.

The Fire Tornado was first seen in Episode 2. Because of this shot, the Royal Academy forfeits the game giving the Raimon Eleven their first ever victory.

A reverse version of the Fire Tornado has been used by the Kirkwood Junior High called Back Tornado. In Fire Tornado, Axel spins in clockwise and releases red fire. In Back Tornado, the Murdock brothers spins counterclockwise and releases blue aura instead.


  • Because of this Killer Shot, people who don't know Axel called him "The Flame Striker".
  • This Killer Shot become stronger when Inazuma Caravan broke Worm Hole, a defensive move of Epsilon Remastered.
  • The Fire Tornado also has a stronger version called Fire Tornado Remastered and later Fireball Storm.
  • There are actually 2 more shots that actually look like Fire Tornado, the shots are Back Tornado and Dark Tornado.