The Korea's National Team Fire Dragon is Raimon's final opponent in the Preliminary finals to see which team got to represent a part of Asia in the World Tournament. They are lead by Che-chan soo who is titled " Dragon Tamer". They perform powerful and terryfying shots like the following:

Hissatsu techniquesEdit

  • Atomic Flare: This move is used by Burn when he was playing for Chaos, but for Korea it was once again blocked by Tachimukai's Mugen the Hand G5.
  • True God Knows: This move is a upgrade from God Knows making it a more powerful than it. Aphrodi used it against Inazuma Japan but it was the 2nd move this match to be stopped by Mugen the Hand G5.
  • God Break: This move is even more powerful than True God Knows this move is also used by Aphrodi. This move also gave Korea a 1-0 lead after smashing through Mugen the Hand G5.
  • Fire Blizzard (Remastered!): This move is used by Gazel and Burn. When they were Chaos it broke through Mugen the Hand G1 but even now it smashed through Mugen the Hand G5 giving Korea their 2nd goal making it 2-1
  • Chaos Break: This move is Korea's most powerful shot. It is set up by Aphrodi 's God Break except that Gazel and Burn jump over the top of Aphrodi and kick the ball with full force giving fire and ice power. This move broke through Fist of Justice G5 giving Korea a 3-2 lead.
  • Nothern Impact: This is the solo move Gazelle performs.
  • God Knows: This move used by Aphrodi


  • Big Explosive Slap: It is the only Hissatsu technique The goalkeeper Jung-soo has. It can block techniques like Ryuusei Blade( Meteor Blade) or anything weaker.

Hissatsu tactics:Edit

  • Perfect Zone Press: It is the only hissatsu tactic Fire dragon uses and owns. It is a trap involving incredible speed and footwork. To counter this, training in a mudfield is advised.