Darren Charles (Tachimukai Yuuki) is the substitute goalkeeper for Raimon.

He wears a orange uniform first after he joined the raimon eleven.when he joined the raimon eleven,he wears the raimon eleven T-shirt.And became the goalie in raimon eleven.His hair is colored chocolate brown.

  • God Hand: Mark's first signature move learned from his grandfather's notes. His god hand is colored blue.
  • Majin the Hand : Originally the technique that Mark's grandfather, David Evans, was the only one who perfected it, but Mark was finally able to perfect it during the match against Zeus Junior High. He uses his right hand for the technique unlike his Grandfather, who used his left hand in order to use the energy in his heart. Instead of a hand appearing, a majin appeared on top of Mark.Daren's majin the hand is colored blue.
  • 'Mugen the hand:Daren's own personal move.He raises his hand and claps above then 4 hands appear stopping the ball.When upgraded more golden arms appear'
  • Maou The Hand: A powerful block created by Tachimukai, Tsunami(Hurley), Kogure(Scott),Kurimatsu,& Jack. The key was to remember the basics (Majin The Hand), Maou the Hand is a recreation of Majin the Hand but with a different power source, According to Tsunamai(Hurley) a move's idea is rarely complete without the name. The key in summoning Maou are negative thoughts which was from Kogure. Though he grasped too much oppurtunity that it caused an emotion breakdown to Darren. It was complete during the match against The Empire. Apparently Darren had the fear to mess up which was solvedby Tobitaka.
  • lightning edge