Bobby Shearer


Name Bobby Shearer
Kana Asuka Domon (土門 飛鳥)
Age 14
School Raimon Middle
Team Royal Academy (formerly)
Raimon Junior High (FF Arc, formerly)
The Unicorn (FFI Arc)
Team Position Defender, Midfielder
Team Number 13
Affinity Wood
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Bobby Shearer (in the dub) or Asuka Domon (土門 飛鳥 Domon Asuka) is a tall, lanky Raimon player who grew up in America as a child with his friends Sylvia Woods and Eric Eagle. He stopped playing Soccer early on due to a car accident with Eric, but picked up the game again after moving to Japan as a teenager. Originally, Bobby works as a spy for Royal Academy under orders from Ray Dark to keep tabs on the up and coming Raimon Eleven soccer team. After an incident with the team's first coach being revealed as a spy, Bobby comes clean and is quick to leave, but Mark Evans defends him and keeps Bobby on the Raimon Eleven from there on out. Eventually, in the third season, Bobby takes his leave and comes home to America where he joins the national soccer team "The Unicorn" alongside Eric.



Bobby is tall and skinny. He wears the Raimon Eleven T-shirt although sometimes he wears green pants and a white T-shirt. His hair is colored sky blue.

Killer MovesEdit



  • Tri-Pegasus(トライペガサス): Eric, Bobby and Mark run,then they intersect in a point. Then, it engulfs the ball in blue flames, releasing a pegasus-like aura around it, charging towards the goal.
  • Tri-Phoenix (ザ・フェニックス): Simply an evolved version of the Tri-Pegasus. Instead of blue flames, the ball engulfs in a burst of burning flames forming a phoenix-shape aura around itself, then they kick it towards the goal. It was named after Eric.
  • Final Tornado (ファイナルトルネード): Shown only in the FF Arc finale against Zeus Middle. Mark, Eric and Bobby perform the Pheonix. With the ball in a phoenix standby, Axel shoots it with a Fire Tornado kick powering up the shoot with a larger and fiery phoenix image to charge straightly towards the goal.
  • Death Zone 2 (デスゾーン2): Three people, Jude, Mark and Bobby do it. Three people spin in mid-air with the ball at their center. After they finished spinning, they kick the ball with high synchronization and gives it a violet, eerie aura. Bobby is a lanky cunt