• WCR101


    November 12, 2014 by WCR101


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    March 12, 2013 by ANIMEFREAK01

    Hello everyone! Now you might be thinking who I'm. I'm actually new to this wiki. But don't underestimate me. I've been on wikis for a long time before I had created this account, so I know quite a lot about them. And I'm not boasting. If you need any help with the articles' information, don't be shy to ask for help! By the way, whose your fave character from the Inazuma Eleven Universe, people?

    P.S. I'm gonna start off with my talk page and profile tomorrow(Insha-Allah)!

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  • Ps192

    Kidou Yuuto

    January 21, 2013 by Ps192

    Kidou Yuuto, in the page of him, it saids his number is no. 6 in royal academy, but it should be no. 10 in royal academy

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  • Ironman14

    Tenma returns after the holy road tournament and everyones forgot about football and a mysterious boy called alpha who has a special ball called the shpere device and puts it in time travell mode and goes back to the time Axel saved Tenma and blocks axels shot with the sphere device and (fake tenma gets hurt), Alpha Kicks the sphere device in strike mode and Majin pegasus arc easily gets beaten. A mystyerious boy from 200 years into the future called Fei Rune comes to help Tenma and has avatars he made called duplis and they all have green hair like Fei rune and alpha s team Protocol omega and alpha uses his special move shoot command 01 but it gets saved by matchos with excellent breast and Fei rune uses bouncer rabbit but it gets saved b…

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  • SeNpAi-SaN


    May 6, 2011 by SeNpAi-SaN

    You guys know that there's another Inazuma Wiki...There are more pages there ya know...Plus they have more info...No offense...No comments please...Dont get mad at me neither...

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  • Godkeeper99

    Hitomiko Kira

    January 1, 2011 by Godkeeper99

    Hitomiko Kira (Lina Blitz) (Coach) - Hitomiko is a cold, professional woman who takes over as coach for the Raimon Eleven during the attack of Aliea Academy, of which she is obsessed with stopping. Her goal is to prevent any further harm by the Aliea soccer teams wreaking havoc on Japan, so Coach Hibiki enlists her as his replacement and Hitomiko becomes the head of the Inazuma Caravan. She is incredibly strict and to the point with Endou's team, but the captain seems to understand her feelings and obeys her decisions throughout their travels across the country. It is later revealed that her goal of stopping Aliea Academy ties back to her father, who is responsible for the attacks and commander of the Aliea teams. After the defeat of Alie…

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  • SuperMark12

    Hey Guys

    October 21, 2010 by SuperMark12

    Hey guys,I need some help in making this wiki better for other people.I'm gonna form a group of users who I can trust to help me edit more.If you wanna join,just post a comment in this blog.Thank you for your cooperation.

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  • Whiteknight810210

    It could help better if the Sidebar should have the following sections: Games, Anime, Characters, Teams, Moves, Music. I fully understand the whole series from its anime version,

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